Great Ocean Road Update:

A SMALL section of the Great Ocean Road between Separation Creek and Wye River remains closed to through traffic however all towns on the Great Ocean Road can now be reached, either from the east or west, and are OPEN FOR BUSINESS.  Some speed and traffic management is in place at a number of key locations. Visitors wanting to travel the length of the GOR, can travel through to Lorne then detour inland along the C151 and then down the C119 through Forrest to Apollo Bay to continue their journey. Although this adds an additional half an hour onto their route the detour takes you through the Great Otway National Park a haven for wildlife and home to amazing waterfalls which are at their picturesque best post rain.

Accredited Visitor Information Centres can assist in helping you plan your journey. Take extra care on the road - drive to conditions and be aware of road hazards such as mud, debris, damaged roads and bridges. Check Vic Traffic on the Vic Roads website on road condition updates and any road closures.

Information on park and walking track closures is available at

To explore the inland routes see: gor-flood-update-SEPARATION-WYE-22093.pdf Please plan your journey by referring to the official messages at the websites below for up to date information.,-flood-and-other-closures/flood-affected-areas

gor closure

Feel dwarfed amongst the ancient giants of the forest. Follow the sounds of a trickling stream to the edge of a cascading waterfall. Join the colourful meeting of green forests and blue ocean. Bare witness to the ever-changing moods of the Southern Ocean. Nature is king in the Great Otways.

Eat & Drink

Harvested fresh from fertile volcanic soil by the hand of a knowledgeable local. Food and beverages produced in the Otways just taste better. Graze your way around the Otways Harvest Trail to taste all the reasons why.

Join the pursuit for ecstasy in whatever fashion you please with an endless variety of adventures built to showcase the capturing beauty of the Otways. Befriend the locals as you bike, hike, ride, kayak, board, drive or fly through the regions best. Then return to base to soak in some of the regions luxuries.

Wild for Wildlife

Shhh. Did you here that? Look, it's a... The Otways are home to many of Australia's favourite locals including kangaroos, wallabies, echidnas, platypus, koalas, glow worms, birds, seals, penguins and even migrating Southern Right Whales.

Plan your visit to coincide with the many markets, festivals, community arts events and cultural festivals that fill the region’s calendar year-round.The Otways has inspired generations of artists, writers, sculptors and performers. There’s a rich vein of creativity anchored in local arts communities. Tap into it at regional and independent galleries, performance spaces, pocket-sized studios and art-inspired trails.

Go off the beaten track with salty hair, sandy toes and wind against your cheek. Slide down the sand dunes, explore the Otway forests, swim the sea, taste the salt, climb trees, float on the river, breathe the wild air, gaze at the stars…and enjoy the natural world.

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