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Koalas & Glow Worms

Koala and Wildlife Spotting
Whilst exploring the Great Otways National Park, you will likely be introduced to a few of the locals including koalas, kangaroos, wallabies, echidnas and plenty of screeching bird life. Whilst kangaroo, wallabies and even echidnas can be easy to spot in grassy clearings, or even trying to cross the Great Ocean Road, spotting a koala takes more of a keen eye. A short drive up Grey River Road from Kennett River is usually rewarded with a koala sighting.
During cooler months whales are frequently spotted offshore as they migrate from Antarctica or use the sheltered beaches in the region to deliver and nurse calves. Cape Otway Lightstation provides a spotters views to look out to sea.
Glow Worms
The Otways has worms. Glorious little glow worms can be found at sites throughout the Great Otway National Park after dark. They are generally found in dark, damp places - like soil banks with overhanging ledges, along creek embankments and beside walking tracks. The worms are not actually worms, rather they are the larvae of fly-like insects called fungus gnats. The larvae prey on small insects - as such they produce sticky threads. The glow emitted from their abdomen attracts insects who are then trapped in the sticky threads. Glow worms are shy creatures - torches, loud noises or touching them may disturb the glow worms and case them to 'switch off' their light and retreat into a crack. Glow worms are often found at Melba Gully, and near the Grey River Picnic Area at Kennett River. It's a good idea to take a torch to find your way along the tracks after dark, but avoid shining the light directly at the glow worms.

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