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Fishing Frenzy!

The Otways offers picturesque backdrops and bountiful takings with the rivers and the ocean teaming with fish.

Download the Apollo Bay & Otways Fishing Guide here

At beaches along the Otways coast you will be fishing for trivially, squid or flathead. Further out maybe the occasional salmon.

Snag yourself a ride on a fishing boat, and the family will thank when it's time for a seafood feast. There's some good fishing in the deeper sections of Apollo Bay, but the serious fisherman might tell you to head to the richer waters of Blanket Bay, or out a little further into Bass Straight. There you will be fighting for larger salmon, shark, pike and barracoutta.

Surfs Up!

Running the length of the Great Ocean Road, the coastal area around Apollo Bay puts on an endless number of beach, reef and point breaks suitable for beginner through to expert surfers. Typically, they are right hand breaks, performing best with south/east swell and north/west winds, however, there are exceptions to these rules spotted around.

Apollo Bay
An eastern facing beach offering a progressive beach waves, growing in size and power as you head north away from the Apollo Bay Harbour. Apollo Bay can be a great learners wave, with surf schools in the area taking advantage of the protected conditions. Apollo Bay has lifesavers on patrol during the summer months.

Kennett River
Kennett River is a sheltered point break with a reef/rock bottom. The wave is a friendly right hander, breaking best on low tide and in almost any wind direction. Access to the wave is off rocks, and is not recommended for beginner surfers.

Wye River
Wye River is a sandy beach break offering right and left waves. Mostly people surf straight of the beach in front of the Wye River mouth, however on bigger swell, waves break of the rocks to the beaches south, offering a longer right hand wave. Wye River has lifesavers on patrol during the summer months.


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