Engage your mind, body and soul as you weave your way through the Great Otway and Port Campbell National Parks.
Nature's Drama Unfolds at Every Step...

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The Great Ocean Walk

The Great Ocean Walk is a one way long distance walk extending East to West, just over a 100kms between Apollo Bay and the iconic Twelve Apostles.

The Spectacular Walk weaves its way through the National Park which is full of tall forests, coastal heathlands, wild rocky shores and windswept cliff tops presenting amazing views.

Step on and off the trail with convenience; enjoy comfortable accommodation and excellent local meals or pitch your tent at wild wildly picturesque campgrounds along the way.

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The Great Ocean Walk Map is available for purchase at The Great Ocean Road Visitor Information Centre - Apollo Bay

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Short Walks & Day Hikes

Walk the entirety of the Great Ocean Walk taking in every inch of beauty, or put together your own itinerary selecting bite sized highlights to create your own experience.

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Tours & Services

Local knowledge can make all the difference when planning your walk experience. Find guided tours, pick up & drop off services, shops and luggage transfers to make the most of your Great Ocean Walk outdoor adventure.

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BOOK TO PAY AND CAMP: Register and pay to camp on The Great Ocean Walk.

The Great Ocean Walk is a one way, long distance walk between Apollo Bay in the east towards the Twelve Apostles in the west. Overnight hikers using the purpose-built Great Ocean Walk hike-in, and the Great Otway National Park campgrounds, are required to make bookings and pay a fee in advance.



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History of the Walk

The initial idea for a coastal walk along the west coast of Victoria was first mooted in 1974 and members of the local community developed the concept for the walk in 1994 (over bottles of port in a shed near Cape Otway). Initially known as the ‘Great Ocean Rad Walk Track’, it was later refined to be known as the ‘Great Ocean Walk’.

The Great Ocean Walk was officially launched by the Hon. John Thwaites, Minister for the Environment on January 9th 2006 and has since become one of Victoria’s iconic long distance coastal walks attracting many national and international walkers.

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The TrailRider is an all-terrain wheelchair that will allow for residents and visitors with physical and mobility issues to get out in the great outdoors and explore some of the Great Ocean Walk. The one wheeled chair is a cross between a wheelbarrow and a sedan chair. The wheel supports the rider's weight while the handles at the front and the back allow two, three or four helpers (or Sherpas) to guide the rider up and down tracks.

Book the chair for FREE from The Great Ocean Road Visitor Information Centre - Apollo Bay

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