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Camping in the Otways is a fantastic way to get away from it all and you have your pick of great spots to pitch a tent – there are lots of places for free camping in the Otways too. Get back to nature, breath in the fresh air, be surrounded by the local wildlife residents, enjoy sleeping under the stars …… and just slow down and unwind. Bliss!

Below we’ve put together a list of what we think is the best camping in the Otways to help you plan your next Otways National Park camping adventure.

Best Camping In The Otways

The best camping in the Otways is in the national parks so you can experience full immersion in this stunning natural setting but there are also commercially operated sites that have power and showers too. With Otways national park camping you can camp by the beach, a lake, a river or ancient forest – take your pick!

Otways national park camping is available in both the Great Otway National Park and Otway State Forest. You can get to most sites in the national parks by car. They offer basic facilities and are usually small so there are limited spaces at each – which means you can enjoy the peace & quiet you’re looking for when it comes to Otways national park camping. You’ll need to make a booking for Otways national park camping and fees usually apply for the campsites (in the western end of the Great Otway National Park). You can book through the Parks Victoria website. Free camping in the Otways is available at these locations though (and you don’t need to book):

  • Beauchamp Falls
  • Dando’s
  • Stevenson Falls
  • Meredith Park
  • Aire Crossing
  • Wye River

Download the Otways Camping Guide for detailed information where there is free camping in the Otways and information on the facilities available at the Otways national park camping spots.

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Great Ocean Walk Camping

Find Out More About Otways National Park Camping

The friendly & knowledgeable staff at the local, accredited Visitor Information Centres will be able to provide all the information and advice you need for Otways National Park camping and will be able to fill you in on the best camping spots in the Otways.