Waterfall near Beech Forest in the Great Otway National Park

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Whether you go inland or hug the rugged coast, the Otways is a place for adventure, romance and discovery. Walkers of almost any ability can trek around the Otways, discovering waterfalls, lush forests, cliff top walks, heritage and coastal trails. Detailed information about Great Otway National Park walks can be found in our Otways Walks and Waterfalls guide. This includes information on facilities, distance, start points and more.

There are over 20 Great Otway National Park walks. There are beachside walks, nature trails, rainforests ambles, waterfall visits and even lakeside walks. We have descriptions and details for over a dozen of these on our Walks and Waterfalls page.

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The Otways region is 1.5 to 2.5 hours from Melbourne, but varies depending on what part of the region you are visiting. The Otways Hinterland is closer (being just two hours away, near Colac – whereas areas at the western edge of the region can be up to two and a half hours away). Learn more about visiting the Great Otway National Park today.

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Ancient Forests of The Great Otways National Park