Redwoods 8

History of Beech Forest

This large natural landscape is the central point of the Otways most beautiful waterfalls and the redwoods of Beech Forest. Planted in 1939, the Californian redwoods of Beech Forest (known as Sequoia trees) are a sight to behold and not to be missed when visiting the region.

Beech Forest, in Victoria, is rich in the history of timber, potato farming and early post-war settlement. However, these days, Beech Forest (Vic) boasts access to mesmerising walks and waterfalls.

Being right in the centre of the Otway Harvest Trail it’s also home to many wonderful food and primary producers. Indeed, the unique combination of aspect, soils, climate and farming practices of the Otway hinterland produce distinctive and exceptional flavours in our produce that cannot be found anywhere else.

What to See & Do in Beech Forest

Beech Forest is home to the Old Beachy Rail Trail – popular with bikes and walkers. Read our recommended activities for more information on what to do in Beech Forest, including the Otway Fly Treetop Adventure.

To enjoy all the district has to offer, browse our Where to Stay page.

Old Beechy Rail Trail