The Forrest Mountain Bike (MTB) Club is seeking your support for a new $170,000 trail product in Forrest with the aim of increasing MTB participation levels in Victoria.  

The proposed “Barwon Flow Trail” will be a 3km single track experience with a constant gradient. This flowing trail will create an enjoyable downhill experience for beginner and intermediate riders alike - perfect for a range of fitness levels. Several black lines will also be added to The Barwon Flow – these lines will be an alternative more challenging alignment for more experienced riders which will contain multiple features and structures allowing riders to test their abilities. Black lines will also be a great addition for intermediate riders who are looking to progress their skills and increase their participation levels on other trails throughout Victoria and Forrest.

We will use your comments to show the Victorian Government that this product is well supported by the Victorian Community. For further information feel free to contact

To support this new trail please fill out the information below - thank you for your participation.