The Forrest Mountain Bike (MTB) Implementation Committee is seeking your support for our next funding application.

The committee is seeking $1.05 million  for facility enhancements, new MTB trails, an All User Skills park precinct and critical road safety infrastructure. The new infrastructure and upgrades and  will secure Forrest as a world class mountain bike and tourist destination in the Great Ocean Road region, Victoria and Australia. These developments will drive lasting economic, social and environmental outcomes for Forrest and the Great Ocean Road region.  

If successful the following projects from, the Forrest MTB Strategic Plan will be funded:

New Infrastructure:

  • The Forrest Trailhead All User Skills Park Precinct
  • The Barwon Flow Trail
  • The Boundary Road Yaugher Link trails  - the Slap and Tickle & Room with a View Trails
  • The Boundary Road Traffic Treatment

Trails Upgrades

  • Roller Coaster trail upgrade
  • Red Carpet Upgrade with new A and B lines
  • Follow the Dog Upgrade with new A and B lines
  • Redesign of the Yo Yo with new A and B lines
  • Upgrades to the remaining trails


The proposed new trails and upgrades will make Forrest trail a safer more enjoyable experience for beginner and intermediate riders as well as a more challenging day out for experienced riders. We will use your comments to show the Sate and Federal Governments that our trails are well supported by the Victorian Community. For further information feel free to contact

To support our application  please fill out the information below - thank you for your participation.