Reconnect with Nature and the Simple Pleasures at Kennett River, an Otway Coast Hamlet



Kennett River is located on the Great Ocean Road 170 km south west of Melbourne and an approximately 35 minute drive from Lorne.  When driving from Lorne Kennett River is around 5 minutes further on from Wye River.  Kennett River has beautiful walks, nearby, including the Grey River Reserve where glow worms can be spotting by night, however you'll be able to spot Koalas in the trees all around the town as well as birds and other wildlife.  Keep your eyes peeled.

Kennett River Koala Great Ocean Road 053A5102


Offering a patrolled (in peak season) beach for swimming, a river for water play and a beach break and right hand point for surfing, this small town is the ideal summer family location.  The stretch of coastline is a spectacular point to spot dolphins, seals and whales (May - September). 

Native animals are certainly not shy in the area.  In fact the Grey River Road is one of the most popular stops to spot koalas, king parrots, rosellas and kookaburras. The Grey River Road leads you up to the Great Otway National Park, which is a nature lover's dream.





Kennett River is a popular swimming and surfing beach.  Locals from along the coast gather in the water for the exceptional waves. The town is small and quiet with a shop / café called Koala Cove Café.  Known as just “Kennett” to the locals this is a very relaxing place for a quiet, family getaway.  A camping ground and many holiday homes provide accommodation options.

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Follow the river from the first fishing platform near the bridge up through the valley. This walk provides a number of wildlife viewing platforms and photo opportunities.  Dogs are allowed on leash.